I’m moving to London, UK. Here’s Why:

Taken by me, 2015

I first visited London in the Spring of 2015. Its not a surprise to say that I fell in love with the city. Like many others, the culture, the history, the vast size of the city and the proximitmy to the rest of Europe excited me. I could imagine calling London a temporary home.

The fact that I’m moving may be a surprise to many people. Although I’ve had this planned for months, I decided to keep in fairly quiet for a few reasons, one being that I had just started something new and timing didn’t “look” right. Early in the new year I found myself in a position about yearning to move abroad, but was also on the cusp of launching something great, something I had worked so hard to achieve, and something I was passionate about.

I recently wrote a blog post about my discovery with entrepreneurship. There is this stigma associated with entrepreneurship that if its not your main priority in life, at ALL times, then you may not be successful. I completely understand it takes hard work, determination, ambition and strategic thinking to create something from scratch, but I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice every other aspect of your life in order for your business to be successful. Its almost a bit sad that I felt the need to keep my move quiet. My decision to temporarily move to London was something and still is something that EXCITES me. Yet, I felt like it was wrong for me to want two things at once, that I had to choose between a life abroad or working on a project consumed with passion. Society made me feel guilty for wanting two different things at once. Its sad, and truthfully its friggen dumb.

Despite society’s expectations, I am moving to London and I am working on UnCo.


  1. Because seriously, why not! Sometimes you need to do what YOU truly want.
  2. Why Now? Because life is short and this gal’s age is only going up. Living abroad for some time is something I want to experience before I’m settled.
  3. What happens with UnCo? Things are still moving forward and #TeamUnCo is beyond pumped. With the magic of modern communications & tech, I’m thankful I’ll be equally as involved as I am now.
  4. How long will I call London home? We shall see. The beauty of this experience is the spontaneity. My plan is approx 1 year, although it could be 6 months, it could be 2 years. All I know is that I’m grateful to have a home in Toronto when I decide to return.

Yes, there will be challenges from working abroad, but I’m prepared. This is going to be a learning experience and I’m excited to see what unfolds. I’m thankful that I have an amazing support system from my fam & friends (love) to my amazing business partner at UnCo.

My pastry chef of a sister is joining me. She has this magic skill of making dessert both sincerely beautiful but omg delicious. This whole adventure actually began with her. I feel really lucky to be sharing this experience with someone as kindred as my sis. We’re both going to enjoy life but also spend time on what really matters to us. To me that is UnCo, but its also experiencing life and all it has to offer. Our one way flight (WOW) is just under a week away.

All I can say is you’ll still be hearing from me. Don’t become a stranger, and keep up with your girl through social networks. For now, see you later!


Jac xo

Me in London, 2015, shot by my gal pal, Emma.