New Year’s Greetings: When Is Enough, Enough?

A Primer for Corporate America

We all know everything our work friends did over break from social media. We may have even shared a Facebook message or two. But every so often, we have New Year’s greeting mishaps. Hope these rules get you through…

  1. In January, write “Happy New Year” in your first email to a friend or colleague. No need for any exclamation points!
You’ve got mail

2. Say “Happy New Year” to your work friends the first time you see them, even if you already sent a New Year’s email greeting.

Awkward hugs are essential

3. Don’t be “the creep” that knows about someone’s vacation from social before they’ve told you in person.

“I saw you went to the beach!”

4. Never say “Happy New Year” to the same person twice. It’s awkward, trust me.

5. Stop with the “Happy New Years” after January 15th.