Nah, it’s not available on the App Store.

Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t an app for everything.

Three Hyper Island students (Caio Andrade, Rafael Ochoa, and Linn Livijn Wexell) came up with the idea of making “Not Available on the App Store” stickers as a friendly reminder to get kids away from the screen and into the real world.

I loved the idea and the simplicity of the message. Also, I am a kid and the type that does more than just listening. Just this morning, I placed an order to get these stickers printed (locally).

Now, I’ll have meaningful messages to stick and or leave behind for all my future travels (which isn’t anytime soon as I’m not travelling for a while).

Although, until that happens, something else had to be done. I selected some of the best moments from my time on Mafia Island (2014–15) and digitally plastered the “Not Available on the App Store” sticker on each one of them and shared it across my social-media.

Mafia? Yes, Mafia. What was originally planned as a two week holiday, ended up being a three month homestay of sorts. I just couldn’t get myself to leave the island, let alone consider going back to this thing called home.

The island made it easy to disconnect from technology, and stay connected to the real world — a natural world. The connected world of nature.

It’s been a little more than two years and I’d like to think of this as a compilation of meaningful moments — a photographic ode to Mafia, its people and the friends and family I made on the island.

A walk to the beach, or just another path to getting to know yourself better

A sandbank that appears only on the low tide, but colours like our souls remain close to permanent

Sail boats resting after a long day of work, under the gorgeous rays of reality

Strangers that become friends, and friends that become people you explore the unknown with

A photographer caught in the midst of a moment to be captured, and kept forever

Friends that don’t just sing and dance, but also jump for no reason whatsoever

Set the sail and let the wind decide thy path, so it can take you to or back to where you belong

A man’s best friend only goes to show that we cannot have just one best friend

A photographer (again) caught in the midst of communicating without the usage of words

The boat is on fire but then again, just like opinions there’s a lot of water available

One of the many reasons to stay in the water and bring out the fish in you

You eat what you catch, you kill what you’re about to eat but naps are a constant

Would you like to take the green or the blue path or shall we take a dip in any case?

Water so clear that it makes you question your understanding of transparency

The key to staying connected, is to keep disconnecting from time to time

Want to know more about Mafia? Mafia Island Diving is the place to be. Need help in planning a trip to Mafia? Tanur Shah is who you should talk to.

Remember, “Not Available on the App Store” isn’t about completely giving up technology or staying away from screens. Nor is it a dig at Apple products.

I see it as a reminder to also do things (and frequently) that go beyond screens, devices and the internet — things that make you step out.

It’s that simple, really.