Say hello to our little friend, “unfollow”.

A good ol’ fashioned button — just waiting to be tapped.

Unfollow may be plain looking, often misunderstood but easy-to-find, and boy is he clickable. He’s literally just a tap (click) away.

A button with a purpose so simple, that it’s easy to forget.

Thou shalt not lose thyself or be chained by what others do, say or share online.

Do you find yourself, losing yourself — by getting annoyed, angry, upset and or becoming uncontrollably reactive with what one does, says or shares online?

Well, you don’t need to do that. Contrary to popular belief, there exists a way to personalize social-media experiences for each and every individual on the basis of their respective choices, preferences and actions.

In other words, if you see something you don’t like — you don’t just look away, tap Unfollow and make sure you never experience it again.

You’re always in control — it really is that simple.

It’s easy if you think of it as when to avoid something, you switch channels on the TV, or avoid small-talk with a colleague, or walk out of a movie mid-way through it, and or repeatedly say no to the creepy 60 year old neighbour who insists on using your shower.

Once you befriend Unfollow — you tend to make more such friends.

Close, Unregister, Unsubscribe and Delete to name a few. They are just as welcoming and can’t wait to be tapped.

It’s close to amazing how easy it is to actually make friends online.

These buttons — they are enlightening. They help you in letting go and finding solace online. Frequently interacting with them is like the internet’s version of being mindful and doing yoga.

So then, for the sake of the internet — how about we take a deep breath, exhale and get down with these buttons and be part of a movement.

A movement to make 2017 a year of much-needed tapping.