Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments
Julia Serano

I am not asking to be bullied here, a marketplace for discussion shouldn’t warrant that kind of behaviour, I am inquiring, curious and don’t understand the many logics of thinking when it comes to trans-gendered people, and the ongoing battles for gender and it’s true meaning.

If you are born with the gift of feeding children with your body, and perpetuating your species, then…..bringing it to brass tacks — you are a woman. If you are a man that feels as if they were born into the wrong body, that feels as if they are trapped with the wrong anatomy, that feels as if they will be living as they should if they commit to transgender procedures — is this man not a chemically/surgically altered man, whom, through his own choice pumped chemicals into his body and paid for surgery to resemble a woman as much as humanly possible? And if this is true — who cares? He is a man who prefers to live under the identity of a woman — great! Good for him. Good for her. We all have the capability to chemically and surgically enhance ourselves into becoming what makes us comfortable in our own skin, but what I don’t understand is why we refuse to grow up with the scientific and technological advancements that make this possible?

We have dug our heels so steadfastly into our own views and opinions we refuse to agree that the ‘opposing side’ even has an opinion, let alone an opinion of value. We no longer respect those around us for holding strong to their beliefs as we do ours, and we constantly bully and take pleasure in ‘calling out’ anyone who disagrees with us. What are we becoming? Are we reversing as a species?

If you feel better about yourself, less trapped, more confident, at peace with yourself when you resemble the opposite sex, then do it! Embrace what feels good! Envelope yourself in what feels right for you! If you lose friends during the process, they were never friends. Tough roads may be ahead, but in the end, you’ll feel like you. I am sorry and it super sucks that you will never reproduce or feed babies with your body — these gifts are primitively reserved for naturally born women, but if YOU FEEL GOOD — that’s what matters.

I guess my confusion lies with the negativity and consistent arguing. You are on your way to becoming comfortable within yourself, or maybe you are already there — this is a time for celebration and heralding! This is a time for excitement and positive messages! The gender argument is no argument. Cisgender, transgender, agender — these are nonsensical labels we force on ourselves, and on others. Can we all just not be? Why is it so comfortable to cozy up to a label? Why fight for a word that you feel best describes you? Look up from your screen and love the people around you that don’t give a shit what brand you are wearing.

Scientifically speaking, women were given the gifts of procreation and species maintenance. Men were given the gift of seed, and protection. It is their primitive role to protect the creators of life, because these creators hold and are responsible for the future. Two genders — that’s it. You are born either male or female — (although a few are born with both or neither). You can identify as whoever you want — that’s your right as a human being. Be proud of whatever you choose, and free yourself from the labels we so strongly fight for. Concentrate your efforts on education, answering the curious, the confusion — use your experience as a positive! Spread a message of light so that more people can receive it, and understand. Your strength and journey has earned you the right to be called ‘she’ if you prefer, but at the end of the day, only if gender was a scientific preference could you truly, in the most stripped down version of the word, be a woman. But psychologically, and with chemical and surgical enhancements — you can be just as much of a woman as I am — maybe even moreso — so perhaps, like I said, when it comes to gender there is no argument, but when it comes to the gender you identify with — there isn’t one either — so why are we fighting again?

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