When all else fails, drink water.

Very often, my work week starts after a semi productive weekend and I think ‘yes, I can do this’. I can be motivated and accountable to do everything on all of my to-do lists. Including the standards:

  • Getting up early to exercise before work
  • Not eating shit
  • More water less snacking

Then, my normal schedule is altered and all goes out the window. Welcome to this past week.

Up before 6 am without even exercising to get to an all day meeting, my routine was ruined. Out went my healthy breakfast (smoked salmon and avocado bagel) and in came an unhealthy croissant, a hot chocolate for caffeine, and a mid morning donut break. Downhill fast.

The rest of the week was just as chaotic with more meetings, delayed trains, some lunchtime workouts and what seemed to be a lot of carbs.

But I’ve been learning a lot of lessons throughout this process of healthiness and one lesson I have learned is that it will never be perfect. If it is, you’re probably hating it. So a glass of water and a couple of pieces of fruit help to put everything back in balance. It also has helped me realise that my next goal is to practice mindful eating. On the go just never works.

Til next time.


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