White Nationalist Robocall from the Future
Jonathon Morgan

here’s the whole thing CORRECTED:

This transmission is being sent to the year 2–0–1–6. It is being transmitted from the year 2–0–2–9 in order that you can change the events which occur. Hillary Clinton as President starts World War III on purpose, to serve her bosses, an international conspiracy of Jews throughout Western countries that planned World War III for years.
The population of the Old United States Region is down to 88 million and still dropping from starvation. Hillary blamed the first nuclear strike in America on Arabs, only now we know it was done by Israel together with Jews in the American government — just like 9/11.
In the middle of the war a biological agent called the Red Plague wiped out millions. It’s always been blamed on China but that’s probably a lie too. Most of us live like feudal serfs in designated concentration cities, working in return for nothing more than a housing license and our food rations. A third of all our children are born dead or severely deformed.
With so many hundreds of millions dead in the war, and more suffering, we were desperate so we believed the lie when they organized a world government from Jerusalem that promised no more war. They blamed the war on nationalism, so now no nation is allowed to have armies anymore. All military bases and weapons are under the control of the new world government in Israel. They are used against any country that tries to break free from slavery.
Hillary Clinton starts World War III on purpose. This transmission is being sent from the year 2-0-2-9. It is being transmitted to the year 2–0–1–6. If you are hearing this then there’s still time. Stop Hillary Clinton.
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