I have one word to describe my first Twitter Chat: Chaos. Absolute, complete, and utter chaos.

I joined #twittersmarter on a Thursday at 1 p.m. I persuaded my boss to join with me using our company’s twitter account. I figured it would be a good way to get Davron’s name out there and engage with an audience while showing our team’s personality. As mentioned, the chat started at 1 p.m. By 1:06, we were dazed and confused.

Madalyn Sklar recommended using www.tweetchat.com for anyone that was joining a live twitter chat for the first time. Both my boss and I did so. It was helpful because it loaded all the tweets for us in real time, but trying to keep up with the insane capacity coming in was impossible. The amount of people joining the chat and tweeting their input during this live chat was absurd. Extremely powerful, yet absurd.

The chat was about creating lead magnets on Twitter. I came into this chat with no idea what a lead magnet was, but after reading and putting in my own input during the Q/A, I have a pretty good understanding. Live Twitter Chats are a great way to learn about a new topic because you can obtain several different perspectives and definitions of the same topic at once, which then helps you create your own definition.

By 1:40, I had a good understanding and flow of how a twitter chat worked. The engagement I would receive after I tweeted was almost like an adrenaline rush. I obtained nearly 20 more followers along with countless retweets and likes. One of my tweets even reached over 5,000 impressions! This is insane, since my normal amount of impressions is usually somewhere in the 50–100 ballpark.

See below for some great information I obtained from the chat. Madalyn Sklar hosts the chat every Thursday, and for this specific chat, Aaron Lee was her special guest.

Q4. What strategies help promote and distribute your lead magnets? -Madalyn Sklar @MadalynSklar
A4. Findings after findings shows that pinned tweets convert the best. -Aaron Lee @AskAaronLee

My boss and I couldn’t help but have a little bit of fun…

Q6: What tools can help you with successful and consistent lead magnet distribution? -Madalyn Sklar @ MadalynSklar
A6: Search engine optimization (SEO) -Davron @ DavronStaffing
@DavronStaffing #SEO #SEO #SEO -Jayme Byrd @ jaymevbyrd

Overall, I think Live Twitter Chats are a great idea. Once you learn how to manage the overwhelming amount of information coming at you concurrently, it’s actually kind of fun. Plus, I obtained more followers, networked a little bit, and engaged with people I never would have the chance to before. I definitely plan on attending more chats in the future, and I encourage anyone who has ever thought about joining one to do the same.

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