An Important Reminder To Freelancers, Entrepreneurs, & Small Business Owners


I’ve been running my business for over a year now and it’s really begun to resonate with me how vital it is to have people on your team.

I’m not saying you have to have employees, or even contractors (because I have neither at the moment) but I’m talking about a support system. Whatever that may be for you; a coach, a virtual assistant, or a even friend going through the same struggles.

Otherwise, who do you go to when times get tough? Where do you run for advice when you haven’t had any new clients in over a month? Or what about when you just want a fresh perspective on something, who do you turn to?

Power In Numbers

I can tell you I know what I’m talking about because my business has grown vastly in the last 4–5 months and it’s all come down to one important aspect I’ve been focusing on, my community. You know, the people you surround yourself with daily, whether that be physically or virtually.

Ever heard the phrase, power in numbers? Well whoever deemed that phrase sure did know what they were talking about. Maybe they were a freelancer too.

Don’t get me wrong though, at the end of the day it’s still all about the power you have as an individual to make a difference. But it’s having that team of support that allows for a little difference here and there, that ultimately turns into a much bigger difference in the overall scheme of things. Mark my words. Community. Is. Everything.

If I could go back and make one change in my business it would have been to build relationships in my community sooner. Tweet This.

What does this community look like?

Like I said, it can be different for everyone, but here’s what my community looks like for me and my business:

The Best Biz Friend (BBF): Like a regular bestie but for you and your business.Your business support system. That person that tells you it’s okay to take a break after a 12-hour long day. That person you go to lunch with to discuss both your latest successes and failures. That person you can call at any time and they can always be there to listen and understand without any judgement.

The Biz Partner: That person that pushes you and encourages you through your hardest times and believes in you the most. They know your true potential both personally and professionally. They don’t scowl at your crazy ideas, they help you find a way to make it happen.

The Colleagues/Peers: The people out there doing the same thing as you, in the same position as you. Now, this might seem contradicting. Some of you may think, “but isn’t that your competition?” But the peers you want to surround yourself with won’t look at you like that. They realize the struggle of running a business just as much as you do, and also want someone to go through it together.

The Outsiders: The people you meet online, at networking events, in mastermind groups, etc. Just as important as it is to get advice from people who know you and your business well, the same stands for outsiders who can be objective.

The Biz Mentor (perhaps the most important): That person that sees potential in you even when you don’t see it yourself. That person that tells you just how good you are at what you do and also reminds you that it’s realistic to fail sometimes and that even the greatest of people have hit rock bottom before. This person has already succeeded and done it themselves, so naturally they want to see you do it too AND can tell you exactly how to do it. They have the connections you want, the advice you need, and the outlook on business you love.

Building and nurturing these relationships take time. So, don’t be frustrated if you can’t find them overnight. With any relationship be genuine, authentic, and considerate and trust the process of community. Most great ideas started with the thoughts and intuition of one person and actually came to fruition through the efforts of many individuals.

I want to end with a favorite quote of mine I remind myself with daily and it’s that:

“Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life, it’s about what you inspire others to do with theirs.”

So, let’s all work together, inspire each other, and in-turn create success for another! This article and reminder is my contribution to the world and to my community today. What is yours?

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