But what about Detective LaToya (played by the underrated, but ever-brilliant Erika Alexander)? There was an opportunity there, I think, for a black woman to be heroic (even if in an implicating way) and she was, instead, indifferent, of no assistance, mocking, aligned with the establishment. Was that Peele’s way of saying that black women are tired of being everyone’s mule (which is an incredibly valid position)? Or that not even black cops are on our side?
Get the Fuck Outta Here: A Dialogue on Jordan Peele’s GET OUT
Son of Baldwin

I think this scene can apply to, especially for Erika Alexander’s character, the black women that build up some black men from nothing only to watch them get good and ready and run off to go chase a white women and if it doesn’t work out they come running back to the black women to save them. I’ve seen meme’s that alluded to the relationship between Kim and Kanye – for comparison. It seems the only medicine for a black man trying to survive the many nuances of a world drenched in white supremacy is a black women but black women are getting quite tired of being the launching pads for black men who have a twisted sense of exploration. To be a black men dating or marrying a white woman is your prerogative but when your hate for black women becomes a prerequisite, that is when YOU become a threat to the black community and black women specifically.

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