Will Wish you a good-bye…

Why good-bye’s are hard to wish?

Why time travels always fast when we return from a journey?

Why we always wanted to see someone last time?

Why we every time expect that person to turn back and have a look at us?

Because we didn’t realize the way time spent doing our favorite things to verbalizing with favorite person. But when a time comes in our life to realise that the thing or person is no more belong to us, at that time we realise it’s genuine consequentiality. There is a vigorous reason behind that ,we didn’t value thing which we got. We only realise it after it is gone. So was with her.

Damn! Why every time my phrenic conceptions ended to her.

Harsh broke me from my thoughts. I aroused.

Time showed 17:18 I was about to leave Ahmedabad. Harsh brought his car to drop me at airport. Commixed emotions made ingredients on my mind. Leaving house and going back to work from the long vacation was not the reason, it was something more than that. I got a Google reminder on my phone saying:

“Flight from Ahmedabad to Bangalore will departure at 19:15”

I greeted my mom and my granny. Dad was never fond of me so I didn’t choosed to wished him. I waved my family members from Car and indicated harsh to start his ignition. Once seated in car, Harsh asked me about my dolefulness.

“Leaving home after vacation is something bothering you or is it more than that?”

“Nah! I want to meet Shruti, for the one last time.” I demanded and looked directly into his eyes.

You can’t lie to your best friends after all they are the only one who kens you better than anyone else. Time showed 17:29. Reaching airport from my house require at least minimum an hour also adding Ahmedabad’s traffic.

“It’s not possible dude.”

“But.. if we try?” I asked probing him for positiveness.

“No! We can’t even try. Don’t you think.”

He cleared and put some gesture in air simply indicating that there will be no further conversation on this topic.

My mind was constantly travelling between Ahmedabad’s road and her virtual thoughts .

I was going for my future project to Bangalore. I desperately needed her to at least for a full 5 minutes. Although we have Skype but we can’t buy happiness on e-commerce. Happiness is thing I will get by seeing her, holding her hand firmly gently, giving her a kiss on her forehead. In return she will only wave me back.

I didn’t knew how time passed in her thoughts and I reached airport at 18:20.

Harsh was carrying my other bags as I was busy finding e-ticket on my phone.

Bang! I hit on a girl.

My phone and my other belongings were on the floor. There was a just small cause created as people stared us.

As I look from nasty blow, I saw Shruti.

Damn! She was in my thought and I saw her. She was the only girl whom I have been waiting for her.

I was about to scold her that she can’t speak but I was ceased by my own words only.

Alas! She can’t speak and listen.

Yes! My Shruti was deaf and dumb yet beautiful. My Mute Channel. Wherever you go girls never stop their talking, in whichever and whatever circumstances they are.

She was kenning about my flight timings from harsh.

She started explaining in gestures.

And I was lost in her aweful eyes.

My belongings were on floor; my phone almost broke the screen. My flight has been just 15 mins from now yet I was staring her. Love is sometimes childish. Yes and I love to be pampered by her.

I hugged her tightly and in response she blushed.

I expressed my thoughts and my words in my some gesture movement.

She understood it perfectly.

I leaved happily from airport and as I was about to enter into final checking I turned back expecting that she will be looking at me. Yes! She was. I was happy in those micro-seconds.

Here at other end.

Shruti waved me Bye from airport seeing plane at least 3 kms from her. She knew that I won’t be seeing her yet her thoughts and love was over the clouds.

Later on next day,

I got my dream project.

Originally published at itsjayminsejpal.wordpress.com on August 6, 2016.