4 Tips Before Beginning a Coding Bootcamp

In July of 2018, I began the web development program with Bloc coding bootcamp. Here’s my advice before beginning:

  1. Assess Your Circumstance

Coding bootcamps come in many flavors and colors. There is on-site vs. online, intensive vs. part-time, and design vs. web development. Take time to assess your circumstance to best understand which bootcamp is right for you! For some this may take much reflection, while for others the choice will be obvious. If you’re a mother of two young children that works full-time, the online part-time program will likely make most sense. Do not jump haphazardly into a program without taking stock of your life situation first.

2. Compare Programs

Once you have narrowed down options according to your circumstance, compare the remaining options. What is the program timeline? What is the graduation rate? Do graduates find jobs? What type of support services are offered? What is the cost, both financially and opportunity wise? Find a program where student success is high and that fits into your timeline and cost parameters.

3. Set the Roadmap

You’ve chosen a bootcamp program, now what? Take a day to intricately plan your goals. If you plan to spend twenty hours a week studying, set aside those hours in advance and have a way to track it. Map out the individual modules within the program so you know what to expect. Write down your outcome and process goals so they can be revisited weekly.

4. Fortify Your Resiliency

Most worthwhile endeavors take extreme amounts of time and work. Expect to be tested often. Expect intermittent failures. Expect life to throw a wrench in things. Most importantly, expect to never give in. This is the time to take stock of yourself and resolve to put one foot in front of the other come Hell or high water.