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Why don’t you give it a rest and stop writing all of these stories with just your opinion and no real facts. You know, for sure , that Trump has not been working with the Fords to keep the plant here? Quit using “shocking”, and all of these other sensational words to describe nothing. Where is the middle finger? If you want to be a real reporter someday, for a real news organization, I suggest you stop writing crap stories that will only discredit you. I know right now all of you cry babies are mad because Hillary lost. Why don’t you write the truth about her? Trump says things, you all act like he is lying, then what he says is proven to be true. What is the strategy? If all of you cry babies just keep lying and complaining, and sabotaging what he does, he will just quit. He won’t. Why don’t you act American if you are American. We all put up with that puppet in the White House for 8 years, respectfully, so why don’t you show some respect as well.