What are the key metrics you track for monthly and quarterly business reviews?

Question asked in the LinkedIn Customer Success Forum

The answer to this question is going to be unique for every SaaS business. However, here are some areas you need to think about:

System Adoption — Usage of the system by key users is a proxy for adoption and we know that adoption leads to retention. Stakeholders who approve the expense for your system want to know that it’s being used. Show them usage data from key functions within your system.

Value Metrics — You customers subscribe to your product on the fact that you pitched — and they bought into — a value proposition during the sales process. You need to show that that value is actually being realized. This maps back to adoption.

Top Issues — What are the top 3 issues you have resolved in the past 90 days and what’s on the docket for the next 90 days?

Product Roadmap — Where are you headed with the product, and how will it benefit your customer in the future? In SaaS we’re always selling, and your continuous innovation is key to the long-term value proposition.

Share your thoughts on what else should be included.