Bringing better events to the Boston tech community.

I’m very pleased to announce Boston Startups Guide is now curating Boston tech events for the community.

When I moved to Boston ten years ago, I went to every event I could. Open Coffee, Web Innovators Group, O’Reilly’s Ignite series, Betahouse parties… anything I could find that gave me a chance to meet more people doing this awesome creating-an-impactful-scalable-business thing I’d come here to do, and help me learn how to do it.

I’ve learned that nothing teaches you how to be a founder like actually trying to build a business. But, attending those events has still been one of the most valuable things I’ve done. Some of the people I met ten years ago have played and continue to hold important roles in my life — mentors, peers, clients, collaborators, friends. Events provide opportunities for us not just to find what we’re looking for, but to help others, to make a connection, to be surprised at the idea someone’s question might spark.

Events grow our community and lead people to great opportunities.

And that’s why I’m curating an events calendar specifically for Boston tech.

What’s different about this calendar?

  • We’re actively filtering service-provider-spam, online-only webinars, and other low-quality events. Even though we’re listing a huge variety of events (drawn from 30+ sources in the Boston area), every single one of them has been evaluated as best we can to see if they’re likely to provide value to you.
  • It’s easy to find events for you. Search or filter by hand-tagged criteria like event type, audience focus, or industry focus.
  • Events specifically for the tech, startups, & innovation community. No sales workshops meant for real estate agents, small business advice that’s not suited for tech startups at all, or “entrepreneur” meetups that are just sales pitches in disguise.

See for yourself, and tell me how BSG can do more for you.

Please give it a whirl. If the calendar seems useful to you, it’d be great if you could spread the word. A share on social media is much appreciated!

And I’d love it if you reached out with your feedback and requests for what would make this even more useful for you. A tweet (@BOSstartups) or an email (jay @at@ jayneely .dot. com) are the best ways to reach me.

Hope to see you at some great events.