Don’t Eat the Last Cookie and 5 Other Things I’ve Learned about Creating a Happy Marriage
Mike Clouse

I sure hope you aren’t as happy today as you were on your wedding day. I really hope you don’t love you wife as much as you did on your wedding day. I hope you don’t look at her with those same eyes that you did those 18 years ago.

I hope you are happier than you ever could have dreamed to be on your wedding day.

I hope you love your wife more every day. I hope you see her today far better than the day you got married.

The points you provided give evidence that you really do love her more. That’s the only outcome after you have kids together and have so many life changing experiences that come with marriage. And even after the small things like you always saving the last treat for her, even if she doesn’t notice, but that’s not why you’re doing it anyway.

You’re right, I think the first way people mess up in their marriages is when they think that they are done. They have checked get married off their list and now they don’t have to do anymore work. Of course, as you showed this isn’t true. Marriage is constant daily effort. You know exactly what I mean when I day that a big part of love is to never give up on someone. We all make mistakes and usually repeat these mistakes, but when we love someone we don’t give up on them. We don’t let their one mistake wipe away all the good they have done.

I love point number for to remind your spouse how special they are. I love that you still text an inside code. I think that is something special that can make your relationship feel young again.

I love the things you shared about what you have learned!