3 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Getting Divorced
Kim West

When people issue for a divorce, they think that it will solve all their problems and because it will get that person out of their life for good. But it never does. Divorces can take months to years to be finalized and leave those involved in a worse state due to all the stress that it has put them under.

I wonder what it would be like if the process to get married took a little more time. Would people take more effort to know the person they are going to marry? Would they stop offering “drive-thru” marriage services in Las Vegas? Do people take marriage seriously enough? Do they think of it just as a party and what society expects of them? One of the running jokes in the Friends is that Ross has gotten divorced more times than he can count. Each time they showed how painful and long of a process it was to get a divorce. In the first case, his wife came out as a lesbian, which was beyond repair for him. In the second, he said the wrong name at the alter which could have been fixed. However, that marriage might have started too quick to begin with and Ross was knowingly marrying someone while he still had feelings for Rachel, proven when he said her name at the altar. Finally, Ross accidently married Rachel one drunken night in Vegas. This was the dumbest situation because they both know they love each other and will eventually be together. By the time the divorce was finalized, they had decided they wanted to be together. I know this is a fictional example and mostly ridiculous but I think that if our world had a stronger view that couples should try to make it work, the divorce rates would go down. Of course there are extreme examples such as domestic violence that require a divorce, but for the most part, I think couples should work it out.