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For about ten days every quarter, the Flutter team hosts a survey to hear about your experience with Flutter. Each survey combines recurring questions that help our team monitor longitudinal trends of various measures, with new questions that collect timely feedback. It helps us stay focused on important areas.

In this same tradition, we announced our ninth quarterly survey in May 2020 and were delighted that we received almost 8,000 responses over ten days, despite all the challenges of the current world situation. …

Written by JaYoung Lee and Youyang Hou

Every quarter, we survey Flutter developers to better understand how you’re using Flutter and what we can improve. …

Written by JaYoung Lee and Tao Dong

The Flutter UX research team ran the 7th quarterly survey in November of 2019 and received 6,343 responses. Thank you for participating — each and every response matters. As always, we are back to share our findings.

First and foremost, we found that 93% of respondents are positively satisfied with Flutter, meeting our 2019 goal of maintaining 90% or higher satisfaction rate! We’re delighted that even as Flutter’s active developer base grows, we’ve continued to make developers happy.

Here are the top 5 issues mentioned in the responses. …


JaYoung Lee

UX Researcher at Google

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