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Technology will evolve to replicate history. A reality that is unarguably tangled and deceptive because, the past is not so easily deconstructed, compartmentalized, set amongst a backdrop of ones and zeroes. No, rather, it is more of an adjustment, a coming to terms with, etc. And that’s an important distinction.

The difference between 5:07PM and 5:08PM is not simply 60 seconds. It is scant memory, fluorescent light, resolve, an act of God, an act of will, science, responsibility, identity, sacrifice, selflessness, restraint, hydrogen, helium, carbon, oxygen (or lack thereof); it is conviction, survival, escape, marriage, fidelity, infidelity, abstraction, spontaneity, truism, generosity, brutality, discipline, beauty, bone, bronze, coal, wood, silk, nausea, repetition, theology, politics, masculinity, aesthetics, the American dream, and on, and on. It is a lonely ritual of time.

For example:

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That’s an obtuse comparison. Unarguably tangled and deceptive.

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Jay Paavonpera is an artist and poet based in Brooklyn, NY. @jpaav