Where do Great blogging Ideas come from?

Most of the bloggers, content creators or writers go through this phase of lack of ideas for our next big thing. It’s nothing to worry about because it’s hard to come up with new content every day when you are a content creator. I also have been struggling lately to pick a few topics to write about and figured out that, why don’t I write about things which everybody, irrespective of their niche and field of interest can use to generate great blog ideas.
Whatever be your niche, there is always something new happening and don’t feel that there just isn’t anything new to write about.

Don’t try to write a low-quality content if you are unable to come up with something new and avoid plagiarism at all costs. If you write just for being a creator and if it’s low quality, it will affect your brand and can lead to decrease in your number of readers.
The only way to get people visit your site regularly is to create a high-quality content that provides them real value and influences them in some ways.
And I have seen that we humans are very clever at distinguishing between spammers and real marketers. So don’t think everything will be sunshine and rainbow after copying content from others and keep in mind that copying is illegal as well.

I have developed and listed a framework that I use to write great content that sticks to the reader and creates a lasting impact.

1. Understand blogging
Research and study thoroughly the topic you will be writing about. Blogging is not just about putting up ads on your website and earning revenues from it. It’s about creating real meaningful content. I can’t stress more on the point of maintaining content quality because it’s the only thing that will keep you and your blog going in the long run. I wouldn’t get daily new visitors if I would have been just another Digital Marketer with repetitive content.
I try to educate my audience and become an authoritative personality. If your blog solves a real problem and provides shareable content, Google will also rank your blog higher in the search results which will lead to increased number of visitors on your blog or website. Great content increases Social Media shareability, the number of visitors, blog credibility, and much more critical factors.

Don’t focus on irrelevant metrics such as page views and shares as they don’t matter at the end. What matters is that how many of your readers visit your website again to get meaningful content.
Always have a strategy and stick to it and measure your results after following the strategy. If you keep on posting just random things, you will never attract your targeted audience and keep on losing customers for your business and visitors for your blog. “Vague Actions, Vague Results”.

2. Following Influencers and Competitors
Why not learn from mistakes or the good content of your competitor? You should not see your competitor in your field as someone with no value. Current trends are generally set up if you are able to cope up with the hot topics going on in your niche. Look for different strategies they are using and will they work for you or not.

It’s always helpful to observe top people in your niche and to know what are they doing differently.
An Influencer is someone who has a great knowledge and is very active in that field with a large fan following. You need to find that influencer in your particular niche, follow and observe them and sometimes share their content in your community to build trust with your audience.
Some influencers in the field of online marketing are mentioned in this blog.
Follow their blogs and learn from them as much as you can and it’s all free.
I will soon write about the resources I used to learn about Digital Marketing but till then you can refer to this blog.
One way to find top influencers in your field is to search them on Buzzsumo website and you can get helpful results.

3. Use External Resources
It’s not mandatory that you write everything from the internet. You can use newspapers, magazines, news articles to come up with new ideas for writing great post headlines. It has been found that a post with great heading receives 40% more views and social shares than a normal one. Use analytics and case studies to provide data-oriented content to your readers. An article having data and real statistics is 47% more readable and creates a sense of legitimacy and definiteness.

Use of numbers in your headings of the post is a very critical factor as it drastically increases the number of readers for your blog. Content that’s full of information and data is read by many people and they also consider it sharing on many social media platforms. This increases the SEO of your website in an exponential manner.

Use great articles from the internet to come up with great ideas. Some ideas can be found by observing the content which goes viral on social media.
News headlines are a great source to steal ideas from. By steal, I mean creating analogy and coming up with your own thing. Or you can share some statistical user survey data which represents current dynamic trends in your niche.
Example from News and Social Media:

CNET: These are the 10 Countries Where the iPhone 7 Is Priced Higher Than India.

The way I’ll use this to write headlines in my field is:

These are the top 10 SEO tools that will cost you nothing.

Do you get my point? The point is that you will come across many things and ideas which you can use to create your next great blog.

4. Reading Books of your Niche
If you want to write posts of more than 2000 words, you better be reading some good quality books about your niche and preferred author.
Books are kind of like magazines but books have an in-depth knowledge of what’s done and why. Many authors also maintain blogs which are just a preview of the books. You can read these blogs to get a sense of the importance of the books.
Kindle is a great way to a sneak peak of the books. You don’t need to buy books every time you need an inspiration for your work.
You can sometimes just look at the index and create an analogy like we did earlier. Great books have a well-researched content and one way to write content is to see which step has the author taken to write this convincing stuff. It is a great resource to just keep going on with brainstorming ideas for content for your blog.

The whole purpose of this framework is to not get lost in the world of random content and stick to the strategy of creating great content by observing content around you. I’m sure if you can follow all the methods, you’ll have a year’s worth of content.
So keep writing and experimenting to see what works for your readers and measure the results to learn from them.