From Nowhere to Somewhere

where to Go!

Hey! Fellas!

I’m Jay Parmar. Currently working as a Co-founder & CEO at foodyari. I’m passionate about learning new things, meeting new people and exploring the world.

Unfortunately, I’m also an engineering student!

The major areas of my interests are Startups, Entrepreneurship, Management, Volunteering & Cooking.

Well I’m an Entrepreneur, Innovator, Communicator and a Team player.

I’ve been selected for the World’s Top 20 under 20 Entrepreneurship Specialization Program powered by Stanford graduate School of Business to attend at San Jose, California.

I was also nominated to Discuss innovation and technology with TVLP alumni and guests from Silicon Valley during the symposium “ANTICIPATING THE FUTURE”, Berlin (Germany).

So here’s a small story of mine that ‘How I’ve been from nowhere to somewhere.’

Coming from a very small village and a middle class family, from Gujarat, India.

Born and brought up in the family of Gurus(teachers), It’s always been great to be a sharp kid with bright dreams in eyes.

I never had a proper schooling after primary studies, went to a Gujarati medium school where there were no sports, extra curricular activities, personality development programs in short there was nothing other than khadoos teachers and their ratta maar methods!

So as a result I turned out as an introvert, shy and prejudiced person.

Though I scored well in metrics. Then I joined science stream in the nearest city. There was the transformation started, there I met my Guru Prof. A.C.Baria, my physics teacher, who was working with ISRO projects. A great philosopher, scientist and a divine personality. He taught me the lifetime values for creating an impact on others by your divine personality.

Later on I joined an engineering college In Vallabh Vidhyanagar. Where the magic was happened!

Now I got the platform, where I can participate in the stuffs other than studies, yeah that’s all what I’ve ever wanted.(a very small expectation!)

I jumped like a hell in all the events going on throughout the first year of my college days.

Yes! Let me tell you the whole life changing incident in detail:

“There was the event on mock placements in college. The speakers have arrived from some Coaching institute to tell about the whole placements process and detailed steps.

Where, he has introduced a completely newer concept of Group Discussion(for only me obviously!). in which he has asked some students to come forward for the mock GD in front of the auditorium full of more than 400 students with 800 eyes!

However, I showed up for the first time in my career of 17.5 years! We can consider it as a turning point. So there was the group discussion going on, right! and the topic was “Dictatorship in India”.

The fact that I’ve never heard the word Dictatorship in my life! so was that over?

Naah! I asked the padosi that what does that mean? He was my competitor but I think he realized that what this kid will gonna do with just meaning! He said, I survived. I made TWO points during the whole GD. A big achievement for me as it was the first time for me.(GD, it is!). Apart from this I’ve one more thing to mention here:

Where, I saw two of my batch-mates, Naitik & Manisha(They won’t believe this today!). Damn smart, excellent communicators, general knowledge, impact of voice delivery and amazing personalities. I was shook to my core.

Then on for continuous three days I didn’t go to college, didn’t sleep for nights, locked my self in hostel room. THINKING ABOUT WHY NOT ME?

I got hurt by the feeling of Why I’m not able to do the things which my batch-mates are capable of doing. they are the same as me, same in age but is it the only reason that they got that work environment and i didn’t .

My ego was hurt for doing nothing. Then i decided to reach at the stage where I’ve never been to.”

Now, that’s it for today, I’ll see you in the next episodes where you’ll see In detail that how I actually found out my passion and how I turned into a successful entrepreneur! Bbye!

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