I keep an eye on some of the blogs around the world where some fantastic creative people produce extremely useful content which helps myself to keep updated with the latest insights & new tactics. It helps me to apply those learnings in my routine activities. Here is the handy list goes for you -

  1. InsideSales Blog — A fantastic company by Mr. Ken Krogue just produces super-duper, awesome content which would be extremely useful for you if you’re especially in to B2B inside sales & marketing activities. You can also follow his personal website for more articles and learning.
  2. Buffer’s Blog — Woho, I get super excited when I think about this firm. They’re amazingly transparent and do provide great customer service. Their blog is just nice place to get to know lot about social media marketing & digital marketing. They’ve multiple sections of their blog like “Social” for social media marketing, “Open” which talks about productivity & transparency, “Overflow” is a must read for product developers & product marketers, “Happiness” is yet to start and I am eagerly waiting what they come up with in this section.
  3. HubSpot Blog — You cannot ignore hubspot as they’re being in to providing marketing & sales automation products produces super-duper rich articles, whitepaper, webinars etc. They come up with research based insights and having different section within the blog for sales & marketing.
  4. Salesforce — Aha, how can I miss to mention Salesforce — one the best cloud based CRM product. Their blog is a perfect place to learn about new sales & marketing strategies. Their latest post — 5 New Year’s Resolutions to Boost Sales Results by Jeff Kalter is nice one to read for your 2016 planning. Note that they do content personalization as per geography and have country specific different blogs posts.

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