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Over the last few years, we have been inundated with articles about the importance that Big Data has for business and how predictive analytics will be the way forward. …

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How do you change the look and feel of your dated Skeuomorph filled Operating System beyond the reach of your own apps? Simple, make a new UI that is so radically different that anyone not falling in line will be left behind like a bad haircut.

iOS 7 is quietly pushing developers to step in line through shaming them into adopting the lean buttonless user interface. At launch one of the things most tweeted was how dated and yucky most non updated apps looked. There were only a handful of apps that were ready out of the gate with the new flat glass like ux. …


JP Holecka

CEO and founder of @POWERSHiFTER and I play around w/iPhotography, Love Travel & Tech

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