Apple had a packed keynote at WWDC and didn’t announce some of their features on stage. Here are some of the best features that they didn’t talk about.

I will be updating this list periodically to include new features that I find from playing with the iOS betas

iOS 10

  • You can now uninstall stock apps. Let me repeat myself, you can get rid of that stupid tips app
  • Bedtime Alarms. The default clock app now includes a sleep tracking feature and sends you notifications of when you should go to bed
  • Raw Photo Support. …

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Be an advocate for your users

When you develop a software project, do you understand who you are developing for? Do you understand what that person is interested in? What types of technology does your user have exposure to?

Understanding your users is essential for building a great product. A successful product is one that customers “actually want”.

But how can you build something that people “actually want” without understanding who they are? That’s where Persona Driven Development comes in.

What is a Persona?

A persona is a fictitious person who represents a certain user group within your app. In the context of app development, a persona can represent people who have the same lifestyle choices, have the same preference for technology platforms, and purchase similar apps. …

Starting out in any field is hard. Starting in the Computing Industry seems downright impossible for a beginner.

I mean, there are so many different paths that you could go down. Which part of the stack do you choose to learn? What language is more optimal for my task?

If you’re a beginner answering these questions seems daunting to say the least. Now factor in all the different opinions online on topics like this, and you have a hellish experience. For example, asking someone whether Rails or Django is optimal for building out a simple website starts flame wars. …


Jayanth Prathipati

CMU MHCI 2017 @jayprat95 |

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