Don’t demotivate yourself.

Starting out in any field is hard. Starting in the Computing Industry seems downright impossible for a beginner.

I mean, there are so many different paths that you could go down. Which part of the stack do you choose to learn? What language is more optimal for my task?

If you’re a beginner answering these questions seems daunting to say the least. Now factor in all the different opinions online on topics like this, and you have a hellish experience. For example, asking someone whether Rails or Django is optimal for building out a simple website starts flame wars. It doesn’t lead to any positive results. The worst part about this is that everyone seems to have their shit together. Everyone is this guru at some technology and you’re just an imposter putting pieces together.

Now that I have more experience, I’ve realized that everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is just faking it. I had this odd realization when I was taking apart a laptop to add more RAM. You would think that this device is expertly crafted and has had the utmost care put into it, but that’s not true.

It was held together with tape

The next time you’re having a hard time understanding something and think that you’re not as talented as the next guy over, just remember. They’re also held together with tape.