Hi my name is Jeremiah Prophet and I am a journalist who has severe Cerebral Palsy. This means I can’t talk or walk and I sit in a wheelchair. Despite having this limitation, I have been published 15 times including 4 from major publications. I wrote the columns with a head switch typing four to six words a minute on my computer. My first column was in the DMN entailing how Trump Administration’s policies under Betsy Devos has done sufficient damage to the educational needs of children with disabilities. I ended my piece by commenting on Trump’s bullish behavior against JJ Holmes. I felt like I was living in the twilightzone writing on how a presidential candidate openly mocked a kid with Cerebral Palsy. This sense of sheer madness shown by GOP has motivated me to 13 more articles since April 2017. My second column was published in the Texas Tribune covering the personal battle I had with restoring my ID. I had to go to the DMV a total of 8 times over a four-year span just to renew my ID. My third piece was also published in the Tribune, and it was a rebuke of the U. S. House bill 620 which would have significantly weakened the ADA. I wrote the fourth piece on how Trump was behaving like an emperor. My fifth story was about me having a near-death experience by being almost shot at my birthday party. The only reason I am writing this is one of my attendants bullrushed the shooter forcing him to shoot himself in the foot. This event floored me due to the fact I had a vivid dream about the incident three months earlier. I knew I was destined to write my column upon meeting a stunning brunette named Tonilynn. She was a guitar — playing empath who confessed to having the exact same dream as me 2 days after we met. My sixth article focused back on the passage of HR620 and why the Senate should not pass it. I wrote my next column on how Trump has led the GOP become uncivilized calling our president a morally unhinged sociopath. My eighth piece was an endorsement of Beto O’rourke for the U. S. Senate. I have written presidential endorsements for Beto and for Joe Biden. I have endorsed Beto O’rourke for governor of Texas! My blog is at cpwriter81@blogspot.

Jay Prophet

My name is Jeremiah Prophet and I am a journalist who has severe Cerebral Palsy ! I have been published 11 times fighting the Trump presidency