4 Reasons Loneliness Helps You Pick Up Girls

I used to be a complete loser with girls, like most guys actually. I lived with my parents and walked with a slouch, barely existing, on the outside of every social circle. But once I moved out, I upped my game to a level of suavity I never thought possible. Let me show you how being alone can help you boost your social and sensual game:

1.Lowers Inhibitions:

Living alone means you can do anything within the law between your walls, it is your private area. This lack of inhibition frees you up and soothes you. You can walk around speaking at the top of your voice and no one will bother you. I often walk naked around my house, listening to music and enjoying the feel of my free and breathing body.

I intended to ask a girl out at work and I felt pumped. I was dancing naked to the smooth flamenco strings of Paco de Lucia on my sound-system. He really makes you want to shake it. You see, being familiar with a lack of inhibition, you start realising what being relaxed in front of a girl feels like. A relaxed mindset is obviously of major importance.

2.Heightens music:

I cannot stress how important music is in order to give you boost of emotion. As I drive to work, I’m still listening to Paco’s guitar on my car’s system. Being alone gives you more silence within which to get lost in music.

Women love a man with passion and energy and music gives you a quick boost of both.

3. Going out often:

This a small note I need to give you. While music and a lowered inhibition can be developed by living alone, it’s good to frequently go out to exercise these two qualities you are trying to develop.

I walked up to the girl I wanted and asked her, “Hey, been seeing you lurking around this department a while, what’s your name?”

She was a pretty little thing with green eyes , full lips, and a snub nose. She looked surprised.

“Oh,” she said,”I-I need to walk past several times Because I have to co-ordinate the creative and media department you see.”

“I thought you found something in this department that interests you.”

The girl got what I meant. She smiled tightly and shook her head.

“Umm, no. I don’t think so.”

I stared at her, holding her folder tightly to her chest, shoulders slightly slouched and her face looking up at me while her eyes were looking downwards. I knew it was useless.

I told her to have a nice day and went back to my desk. I played some Arctic Monkeys to help boost up my energy. I knew that I had reached and failed. Next time I would at least get closer, a little bit better.

3.Sensual development:

It’s your house, your area to express yourself sexually. Even if you don’t get the girl, you always have the home of sensuality to return to.

That night I came back from work, and stripped slowly while playing some soft music by the XX. As the music echoed around the walls like dark water rippling on their painted surface, I masturbated slowly and gently. And when I was getting close to coming, I got up and put back my clothes.

This is of course something that takes strength. But I’d advise you to have these controlled sessions at least once a week. Your unreleased sexual energy will now begin to radiate from you and you will feel a more sensual world.

4.The art of self-reflection:

I’m no actor, I’m too private for that. But I like to watch myself cry in the mirror. I have a full length mirror in my hall. I sat on a chair in front of it, and cry. I was so weak and pure then.

This will enable you to lose your shame in front of a girl, to have better sex and greater orgasms with her.

I called a prostitute for the night. She is a regular of mine, a small breasted North Eastern girl who I enjoy violating and being violated by.

I guess, I’d like to conclude by saying that loneliness helps you keep in touch with who you are, and if you exercise it right, it helps you play the most difficult of roles in the truest performances of your life; being yourself when you and a girl are alone together.

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