New Manifestations

It has been about 150 years since slaves were freed with the Emancipation Proclamation. Many people would say “we live in a completely new world that has all changed for the better”. And although I do agree this world has changed I would not go as far to say it has completely changed for the better. But that is not to discredit all the progressions we have made as a community it is to say that, the issues that we have faced in the past 150+ years have not gone away but have manifested themselves into new, easily disguisable mannerisms.

“In many West African societies, slave status was assigned to those convicted of serious crimes” Freedom On My Mind pg.9. I asked myself the questions is this the reason why our community has such a problem with the law? The white supremacist attitude that we had to endure during slave times has appeared to have manifested itself into modernized slavery with law enforcement as its primary weapon. Making modernized slavery one of the biggest issues we face today. The whites who still have this supremacist attitude are the ones who we see use law enforcement to unlawfully imprison our community. As you can see with the chart African-American males have the highest representation in our prison systems today. But it rears its head not just in prison systems but in the daily injustices we see of young Black males being killed in the media. It can all be summed up as new manifestations of the issues we thought to have left in the past.

In this new advanced world I have observed problems that were so prevalent 150 years ago. It is almost as if instead of exterminating these problems when they were initially an issue we as a country swept them underneath the rug for the later generations to handle. And it appears that we are the generation who has decided to handle them. It has become our responsibility to ensure an equal and just society for our future.