The Act Pt. 2

Some in the black community go through a phase in life, primarily during early years, connotated with other kids teasing or making fun of the way they talk because its “proper”. But what about the kids who go through their life thought of as uneducated or ghetto because they speak a certain way. I’ve come to the conclusion that these kids are speaking this way not due to a lack of education, but due to the fact that this is the language they were taught.

Now when one thinks of the typical black family living in the United States it is assumed they are taught English. Now this is true but with English one fails to realize that it comes in many forms. The form taught in many black households is, African American Vernacular English, simply put as Black English or Ebonics.

This form is often not recognized by many formal institutions. Many formal institutions shame this language, assuming the misconceptions above that because one speaks this language they are uneducated, ghetto and ratchet. Which in my opinion is completely wrong.

There is such importance for this language to be recognized because, many many people in the black community are subjected to code switching. Code switching can be defined as, the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation. Due to this many in the black community are truly bilingual. Having to code switch daily, whether it’s for a job, friendship, or merely answering the telephone to someone not known to us as a friend. But it is time for this to stop.

I along with many are tired of having to make changes to who we are to better fit in this whitewashed society when this whitewashed society has done nothing for us but harm. There becomes a time where one can not just accept what is happening to them but must stand and make a change, a change for the better.