He’s Trying to Lose
Dave Pell

A sobering thought.

After THE sobering thought (nightmare) that he might actually win (please God, no) this reasoning is prefectly sound (certainly no less sound than some of the reasoning posited by the candidate himself, or his henchwoman PR/spinmeistress).

So let’s assume he does fail; let’s assume the dopes have indeed been duped, the media equally so in the main….he will prpobably prosper, his supporters’ lot will probably improve not one jot, and Trump the big-brained, small-minded ‘Ive said a lot of things’ game show host will emerge once more as a winner. Even if only in hos own twisted head, he’ll be a winner.

The voters and the meeja and democracy and liberty and equality — they’re the losers.

Great stuff, Dave keep up the good work!


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