It could work? Cap situation for the Flames isn’t as bad as it seems.

Salary Situation for the Calgary Flames next year with impending raises.

I’ve been thinking a lot about how the Flames could make next year work cap-wise with impending raises to Gaudreau and Monahan so I decided to experiment. In order to make things work for next year. I’ve made the following adjustments: first the Flames would buy out Wideman, for lack of any other options available to them. I used GeneralFanager’s buyout calculator and Wideman’s contract would come at a cap hit of $1,250,000 for next season and $2,000,000 the year after. I’ve assumed the Flames organization is not wanting to buy out bad contracts on principle and therefore will keep Mason Raymond burried in the AHL, this will leave a cap hit on the NHL books of $2,200,000. I’ve further made the assumptions that the Flames brass will ofc offer Gaudreau and Monahan big raises while giving Colborne, Jooris, Ortio, Wotherspoon, Nakladal, Arnold and Shore all RFA’s modest raises.

Here’s roughly what I figure the Flames will do and I personally feel that I’m being generous and over estitmating: 
Johnny Gaudreau @ a max of $8,000,000 x 8 years. Although I personally think his contract will be closer to 7.5 x 8.
Sean Monahan @ $6,500,000 x 6 years. I go with less term on Monahan based on the fact that there is still some worries about his underlying defensive numbers. 
Joe Colborne will get a raise close to what Bouma got but given the fact that he’s a Calgary boy and loves this organization i think he takes a bit of a discount. I think Colborne is what he is and is useful in the bottom 6. However, this is really contingent on the Flames moving some bottom 6 salary like Bouma, and Stajan over the summer or at the very least by trade deadline next year. The Flames resign Colborne a $2,000,000 x 2 years if they can move a contract or two. IF they can’t the Flames let Colborne walk.

I expect Jooris, Arnold, Shore, Wotherspoon, and Nakladal and Ortio will all get qualified for 1 year show me what you can do deals. Nakladal maybe getting a 2 year extension. I think these are players the Flames are most likely to use in bottom 6 or as 5/6 D-Man roles for next season. You can see their salary in the red in the table above.

I’ve penciled in a contract of $4,000,000 max for a starting goalie. Although I personally feel that they can get a 2–3 years stop gap solution for a little bit less.

Assuming Smid stays on the LTIR and without moving out any other contracts this leaves a cap space of 4,000,000+ for the 2016/17 season at a cap ceiling of 74,000,000, 2m+ if you assume a cap ceiling the same as this year.


The little column on the far right of the graphic above and the graphic to the left show the space created by moving Stajan, Bouma, Bolig, and Engelland. The Flames could create space by using some kids from the Farm, Shinkaruk, Porier, Arnold, Shore, etc, in the bottom 6 while moving out contracts like Stajan, Bouma, and Bolig. This would give the Flames about $10m+ in cap space, 13.5+ if you trade Engelland as well (see left). Doing this would allow the Flames to go after a scoring winger on the UFA market at tradedeadline or even in the summer if they wanted to. This also leaves space for signing Bennett’s extension next year as well.

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