My experience in Andela Bootcamp so far…

This is a continuation of my Experience so far at the Andela Boot-camp, I am grateful for the opportunity to express my thoughts which i could not conclude in my last post.

On my first day at the boot-camp, Monday the 28th of August, it started with a welcome speech and encouraging words from the Boot-camp Facilitators , and we were instructed to start the exercises of the day. In the course of doing this exercise I got more enlightened on being growth minded and how it applies to the field and pursuit of becoming a world class software developer. Also, I got a clear picture on the advantages of seeking feedback, with skill in programming logic, Test Driven development and Front End Development.

The second day was home study, i was expected to study on my own and give output based on my study and also to work on the changes in the More-Recipes project as directed by my group LFA (Learning facilitator Assistant). woo! do not mind me, it seemed cumbersome but i was able to scale through by relating with my group for hint and personal researches . I wrote an OOP implementation and my second blog post.

With this experience at the boot-camp, I can tell you that there is nothing that is impossible with your passion and love for that particular thing . Right now am through with my template adjustment according to the feedback of my LFA and I am now on my server side. No wonder Margret Drabble says “When nothing is Sure, Everything is Possible”.

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