Reviewing The History Of Thomasnet

Jay Scheer
May 31, 2018 · 10 min read

The History Of Thomasnet

The inaugural edition of the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers was, at the time, the most comprehensive collection of information for industrial buyers ever published.
Harvey Mark Thomas, the founder of Thomasnet, introduced a diverse array of industrial publications, including Industrial Equipment News.
As new industrial products and services hit the market, the Thomas Register grew to reflect the burgeoning capabilities of the American manufacturing industry.

Thomasnet Today

Tony Uphoff joined Thomasnet in 2017 as the company’s new CEO and President.

Same Focus

“Focus” is one of Thomas’ guiding principles.

Thomas lives, breathes and serves the industrial/B2B world.

From the small job shop to the Fortune 100 giant, we exist to connect the right buyers with the right suppliers, and to equip everyone involved with the knowledge and information they need to thrive in their constantly evolving marketplace.

New Look, New Name

The latest version of (Thomasnet 4.0) launched in 2018.
Thomas Insights, a new feature of, features more than 300,000 articles, videos, and white papers.

Deeper Understanding

Thomas executives and partners meet regularly with manufacturing and procurement professionals throughout the country.
The 15 steps of the industrial buying process, as identified by Thomasnet through a comprehensive study.

Expanded, Integrated Capabilities

A simplified look at the industrial buying process, along with the ways suppliers can meet the needs of buyers at every stage.
Thomasnet allows suppliers to showcase content that is important to buyers.
Thomas Marketing Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency. The company has designed, developed, and optimized more than 5,000 websites for industrial clients.

Thomasnet Reviews

Need To Know More About Thomasnet?

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