Dr Jay Seitz Provides the Best Healthcare Services to His Patients

Dr Jay Seitz is a clinical neuropsychologist and health consultant with a significant number of years of experience. He runs his own private practice in clinical neuropsychology and has a consulting practice to various organizations/medical clinic, New York City, NY. He treats individuals with central nervous system disorders including depression, anxiety (e.g., panic disorders), attention and memory impairment, learning disabilities, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, dementia, and other disorders that affect higher cognitive abilities (thinking, reasoning, categorizing, remembering, attending, perceiving, speaking, reading, and writing).

Dr Jay Seitz performs neuropsychological diagnosis and evaluations, neurocognitive assessments, and treats central nervous system disorders affecting higher cognitive and affective functioning. Neuropsychological assessments work to create a profile of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses by gathering various forms of information: information gathered from the assessment; spouse, parent, and teacher information; medical and psychiatric history, as well as clinical observations.

While treating his patients, he takes a holistic and multidisciplinary approach often making use of other professionals including primary care physicians for medical issues, nutritionists for dietary advice and weight loss, psychiatrists for central nervous system medications, physiatrists who specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation for pain and back disorders, physical therapists (gross-motor abilities), as well as speech-language therapists, occupational therapists (fine-motor abilities), and other health care professionals (e.g., massage, yoga, exercise trainers, and meditation).

Dr Jay Seitz has acquired training in REBT (rational-emotive behavioral therapy), CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy), biofeedback and pain management, and neurocognitive rehabilitation for patients who have suffered damage to the brain. He previously served on the doctoral and graduate faculties of Adelphi University and the undergraduate and graduate faculties of New York University and City University of New York (CUNY, tenured 2001).