The elusive Comfort Zone.

Sometimes, it seems like growing up is all about finding this thing called a comfort zone. That place where we feel secure, unthreatened, confident and mostly- appreciated. It’s all about a place where we feel a sense of belonging and, of course, comfortable. When we find it, we are puffed with an immense optimistic sense towards the world. We are — understandably — reluctant to do anything that may jeopardise this comfort or displace us in any way.

But on a little negative note, in this zone, we often fail to challenge the basic ideas about ourselves and the world, and we continue to do things in a set way.

It is very important for us to move out of our comfort zone in spite of the fact that one’s comfort zone is a way of gaining some confidence and emotional and psychological security. This undoubtedly makes it very important to find that zone for ourselves.

Finding an intellectual growth is also as important as finding that soothing zone. Intellectual growth comes definitely from seeking and meeting new challenges. New problems demand new approaches and from that comes the learning.

When we find ourselves in a new space, surrounded by new faces and ideas — when we are outside our comfort zone — we must see it as an opportunity to shake up out lives and our thinking a little bit. Optimistically, thinking it as an opportunity to try on a new us.

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