27, June 2015: Coming to you Live from my Bed at 10:30pm

This weekend, I went to Philly, the city of brotherly love. My girlfriend and I decided to take a day trip there. She has a car and I don’t, so she drove and I sat in the passenger seat, making jokes and playing with the radio. My girlfriend didn’t drive because she felt responsible for her car. She drove because she loves to drive. She can drive for hours and be fine with it. I hate driving. So, she drove the whole way. On the way back, I took a nap.

This ties in with the Same-sex marriage thing, I swear.

What the Supreme Court decided on Friday is that genders, either Male, female or “other”, are all equal in the eyes of the United States government.

Most people are talking about the right for Gay people to get married, but I think the ruling is far, far deeper than that. In order to make sense of this, I need to use some math.

Here is what we always thought of as marriage.

Man + Woman =Marriage

We can sub in numbers to make it look clearer.

2 + 2 = 4.

But, let’s be honest. For a very long time, it’s been (And sort of still is):

Men (3) + Women (1) =Marriage (4).

The Supreme Court looked at this and thought, why is it like this? If Men and Women are equal, then why can’t two men get married or two women get married? The Math is still the same. What’s the difference?

The only way the Federal government could have allowed Same-sex marriage to stay illegal in States is by saying that Men and Women aren’t equal. That’s not true, so they had to make Same-sex marriage legal.

I’m being reductive, but I tend to do that. What the Federal Government said is that everyone, EVERYONE, is equal in the eyes of the law. To not allow Gay people to get married is to say that they aren’t equal. The Myth of the American dream would shatter if we said. Gay people have the exact same rights at everyone as. As men and as women. We are all, all genders, all of us, equal. Finally.

Looking at marriage like this, it makes sense that Conservatives are angry. However, they aren’t angry about what you think they are angry about. I firmly believe that most Conservatives don’t care if Gay people get married or not. Not really. What they are upset about is that now the Federal Government sees all of us as equal. No one is better than anyone else. What was once a world dominated by men is slowly cooking down to it’s bullshit essence. And what was once completely ruled over by White men is now a rainbow coalition of people dedicated to allowing ourselves the freedom to do whatever we want. So if you see an old White guy sitting somewhere, looking a little grumpy, it’s because we figured out the game was rigged and we flipped the fucking table over.

There is still a lot of work to do, though. Gay people can still be fired for being Gay in many States. Women don’t make nearly as much money as men. And, even for men, we have a ways to go. My girlfriend and I try to be as equal as we can be. Sometimes I get the urge to pay for all the meals or be a tough guy in front of her because I’m a stupid man. But, she drives and I hope she always drives because I hate it. The idea that a man would be comfortable with his girlfriend driving him places wasn’t even possible ten years ago. I would never have let her do it in my twenties. Thank God all that silly gender bullshit is (almost) over.

Anyone under the age of 40 has spent their entire life realizing that women and men, gay people, Black people, Hispanic people, Indian people, all people from every walk of life, all people have the same propensity to talk to you in an elevator if you don’t want them to. Everyone has the same ability to take too damn long at the ATM machine. We’re all in the same boat so it doesn’t really matter who pedals and who doesn’t. That went to a dark place for a second but you know what I mean.


I’m gonna let the Tweets speak for themselves.

No sure why the Eagle is always Patriotic but Whatever
Best GIF ever
This is the type of stuff we’ll see much more of, I’m afraid.
Moving so fast.

This is far, far from over. This is a major change for our society. I’m curious to see the ripples from where the stone was tossed, to see how things unfold. It’s strange to see ahead of you and not now exactly what the future holds. It’s also pretty cool.

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