6. June. 2015: From the Table in my Studio Apartment

I’ve wanted to write a weekly “Newsletter” thing for a while but instead of writing about why I’ve decided to write a “Newsletter,” let me not look at my own belly button and just do the damn thing.

Big News of the Week: Jenner Gender Swap

This makes people uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. One day, this person was a man and looked like a man and then, with science and surgery, this person is now a woman. And this person wants to be called a completely different name. How are we supposed to feel about this? One of the problems I think with modern society is the notion that you have to feel something for everything, that you have to have an opinion. Part of this is because we have created a massive device (The Internet) that allows us to share our opinions. And, yes, I’m giving my opinion about giving an opinion. The void looks back. I saw a recent Facebook post where someone wrote at length about how Caitlyn Jenner is not Caitlyn Jenner but is Bruce Jenner and that this Facebook person’s gender was being “c0-opted” or some bullshit, like Caitlyn was gentrifying her neighborhood. I imagine this Facebook person leaving the house and wondering why there were so many Gays now, why there was yoga everywhere, why it was so hard to get a decent table for brunch now. What happened to the days where we made fun of weird gender stuff? Where has the America that I know and love gone?

Shut up.

You might be a little uncomfortable about Caitlyn Jenner but whatever. The biggest issue most of us will ever have with our gender is trying to figure out our pants size. Empathy. It’s called Empathy.

Countdown to 2016

Every week I’m gonna do this newsletter and every week I’m going to mention something about the upcoming Presidential election. Yeah, it’s not for another 18 months or so, but it’s fun! You can roll your eyes and hate it all you want.

This week, Hillary Clinton gave a speech about voting rights. She thinks everyone should be registered to vote automatically. She thinks voter fraud is bullshit (it is). She thinks voting is a fundamental right. She probably thinks a lot of stuff. What I don’t get is how anyone can disagree with her. The biggest voter fraud in the history of America was in 2000 when the Supreme Court decided who our next President was going to be. Other than that, voter fraud is mainly a long, boring plot line in “Scandal.” And, sure, you can hate Hillary Clinton “just cause” but I’m not sure you are allowed to not like making it easier to vote. Why voting isn’t a national fucking holiday is beyond me. Sometimes I feel like that guy who notices that the ship is sinking and I’m telling people but everyone just thinks that the water is just getting higher, not seeping onto the deck.

Tweets of the Week!

I’m a big Twitter fan. Here are some Tweets that I thought were pretty awesome.

Some people use their talents to work on Cancer treatment. Why waste their time when they can make awesome tweets like this?

I mean…

Hands down, one of the best Gifs you’ll ever see. Just watch it over and over and over.

Hard Truth of the Week: Money actually can buy happiness.

That’s it. This newsletter will change and adapt, with new features and blah blah blah. If you want to subscribe, figure it out. See you dorks next week.

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