Electric feeling from on high, a surge from head to toe with all five of my senses pulsating and communicating.

Constructing my perception of reality,seeing what I want to see, have me feel what I want to feel and letting me decide to myself what is real.

My head exploring all thats around me, taking it all in myself deciding how to interpret my surroundings and having me create emotions or feelings.

Strong feelings of rage and passion with a need to expression and to bring to fruition.

Feeling as deep as sorrow and happiness not only effect me physically but spiritually.

And as much as I would like to think of myself as a deep poetic scholar. That I am some last life line of modern poetry lightly grasping on to a false sense of fame or notoriety.

I’m human like you I get mad when I’m angry.

I’m sad when I’m lonely.

I’m just like you a poet.

My poetry is in my writing while yours can be something different entirely.

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