This Guy… Brand Assessment of trump’s Inauguration

I must admit, I am currently the person in front of you in the “10 items or less” lane with a cart full of groceries… Forgive me in advance for going over the status quo 140 characters, but this was a hot take!

In a day not soon to be forgotten, those intrigued by brand intentionality were treated to a sheer delight. president donald trump had his full brand repertoire’ on display for all of our viewing pleasures. For example, trump’s demeanor exuded promises of assertion and confidence as he touted to use his power in signing several executive orders today. The irony in all his bravado and pride was the intentionality behind attempting to make him appear humble.

His newfound strength-based approach rooted in spirituality and optimism was an interesting turn down the new trump Street. We have not seen much brand focus around these “soft skill” areas, at least not until post debate. Today, president trump was more about “you” and less about “I”. He attempted to speak in language for all to understand and convey the message this government is ours not his. It was also interesting to see president trump use Lincoln’s bible during his swearing in. Another weak attempt to appear interested in the preservation of american history/tradition while concurrently attempting to seem a tad less racist.

It was also fascinating to see the attempted co-branding between the Obama and Trump families, or the Trumps and every former president present for that matter. Regarding the Obama’s, it was most interesting because it appeared (once again) the Obama’s brand received the largest boost. I know how much trump and his team love when that happens.

The representation of the family first, perfect lily-white american family imagery was gut-wrenching. The intentionality on materialism was the first time trump has been dependable with his (one and only) non-wavering brand message: IMAGE.

I must give credit though. Today, trump was “warm”, seemed “genuine” and dare I say “likable”? He came across much more neutral, less offensive, and completely “dialed back”. His team attempted to convey emotional intelligence and soften his brand with basic strategies like not attacking the press.

Some interesting subliminal/under the surface branding strategies noticed were when trump (finally) publicly acknowledged Hillary Clinton while requesting a standing ovation from the crowd. Also interesting was Hillary’s choosing of all white, which just so happens to be the official color of the Women’s Suffrage Movement. One might not weigh heavily on that last theory, because trumps daughters donned all white as well. Although, I am confident they have no idea what the WSM is anyway.

For the most part, the trump machine remained on brand, which is loyally remaining consistently inconsistent. Is trumps brand the hard working self made entrepreneur, grandiose, luxury brand guru, or is it the new hard working, humble beginnings, mid-america industry savior? Is president donald trump the all gold everything, over the top office decorum, elegant, trust me- it’s the best!, rich (us) vs. everybody guy or an optimistic attempting to heal a broken country while rewriting the rules on fixing a broken system? One thing is for certain, as of 1/20/17 the trump brand is calculated, rehearsed, unauthentic, but (unfortunately) quite effective.