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As an entrepreneur, you’ll encounter your share of employees. During the hiring process, you’ll do your best to select candidates with solid experience, a great attitude, and references that support their abilities to perform in a work environment. Unfortunately, even the best candidates in the interview process can have quirks that make them difficult to work with in day-to-day operations.

Not all working difficulties are worth firing a candidate over. …

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Not everyone wants to become an entrepreneur, but a healthy majority of people have at least toyed with the thought of starting their own business. The thrill of being your own boss, setting your own hours, creating something from scratch, and building a legacy is exhilarating, but so few people ever pull the trigger, for one reason or another (or 50).

What’s holding you back from becoming an entrepreneur?

1. “I’m waiting for the perfect time.” There’s no such thing as a “perfect” time to start a business. Waiting for it will leave you on indefinite hiatus.

2. “I’m waiting for the perfect idea.” If your idea has flaws, take comfort — there’s no such thing as a perfect idea either. Make up for those flaws with new strengths. …

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There are many reasons to enter the world of entrepreneurship, but the one that seems to draw the most newcomers is the prospect of getting rich.

Some studies illustrate that entrepreneurs, over the course of their careers, tend to live happier lives and make more money doing so, and occasional stories of breakout entrepreneurs selling their businesses for millions of dollars naturally pique everyone’s interest.

Between these factors, it’s no wonder why so many people strive to own their own businesses for a shot at getting rich.

But it’s unlikely that merely owning a business will earn you the riches you seek. …


Jayson DeMers

CEO of EmailAnalytics (emailanalytics.com), a productivity tool that visualizes team email activity. Co-host of The Entrepreneur Cast (theentrepreneurcast.com)

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