The Invitation

Photo via Unsplash

Since 2011, I have not worked in the local church. Yes, I work for a para-church organization, but I no longer have day-to-day operations in a local church. Mostly, I help promote church events, conferences and camps, which is what I love to do, but occasionally, someone will ask if I miss working in local church ministry.

My answer: Only the parts directed at crafting a weekly service.

What I mean by this is relatively simple, I love crafting moments that provide people opportunities to see the wonder of God. As a creative, this is done through every means imaginable! It is truly exciting to think about!

Sometimes, however, I think we tend to lose sight of this responsibility. I know it’s true for me, and I only do a handful of events a year, as opposed to 52 weekends a year. But what is awesome, if we can stay focused, is to see the potential in giving people an invitation to see Christ.

“Yet in the gloom a light glimmers and glows. We have received an invitation.”
 — Dallas Willard, The Divine Conspiracy

When Christ came to this earth many centuries ago, he provided an invitation for us to know the Father. This was an invitation that was originally given since the dawn of man, but Christ brought the visible manifestation of what accepting that invitation looks like.

With that in mind, we in the local church, and global church for that matter; are given the opportunity to invite people into the knowledge of who Christ is and who the Father is.

What a privilege!

As creatives, every time we craft and mold a congregational service, we are granting people an invitation. I guess the cynical me would ask, “What kind of invitation are we giving?”

What kind of service are we crafting? Is it a routine weekly event that is just getting people to and from the parking lot? Is it a lackluster attempt at showing what true happiness and joy in Christ is? It is a feeble copy-cat of the church down the street?

The invitation we provide is one that should allow people to encounter the Wonder of God. The one who created the Heavens and the Earth. Think about that…does your service bring that to your congregants attention? Does it ever?

We as creatives have unique opportunities to allow people to encounter these moments, and we should never lose sight of that. Just as someone invited us into the knowledge of Christ, we are given the opportunity to share the invitation again and again.