Announcement: English Slack Channel for the Shojinmeat Project

Jayson Van Der Walt
1 min readFeb 7, 2018


Supporting one person’s demand for beef is known to be 40 times more resource intensive than producing the equivalent amount of crops required. Even though meat production already utilizes 70% of world’s agricultural land, the demand for meat is rapidly increasing due to population growth and dietary change.

Emerging and industrialized economies alike are placing a heavy toll on the environment with factory farming activities contributing heavily to deforestation, water shortage and climate change. The resulting food supply insecurity is already being felt by general consumers in certain resource-poor countries.

To resolve these issues and defend our world’s rich culinary cultures, scientists at Shojinmeat Project and their sister organisation, Integriculture are developing industrial scale cell culture technology.

The biggest technological hurdle in the muscle cell culture making process, as well as scaling this technology, is cost.

To this end, Shojinmeat Project currently focuses on developing cheap culture medium and making the cell culture process more efficient.

Source: (grammar corrected from the original Japanese).

In an effort to ignite conversations in this exciting new world of “Clean Meat”, and to allow the brilliant food science pioneers to focus on what they do best, I have set up the official English language Slack channel for the Shojinmeat Project (in collaboration with Integriculture’s CEO, Yuki Hanyu), which I shall administer going forward.

Here is the link to an invitation to join the discussion:

Chat to you on Slack!



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