Apple Support Saga continues

So after my last post on Apple I did decide to submit it to apple for repair…..
I went through the process I described and was charged the appropriate cost to my credit card.

Today I got my daughter’s phone back an to my dismay it had NOT been fixed. There was a letter stating that there was an issue not listed in my original request (although what that issue may be they do not say)……… It states that they made me an offer to fix it out of warranty but that as they had not received any response they simply returned my device. Excuse me? This is customer service?

First, yes I know the device needed to be fixed Out of Warranty. That’s why they charged me in the first place. I was not contacted by Apple. The email account listed in her apple ID auto-forwards to my account so I’d know. I double checked the email account listed under the apple ID..nothing, not in spam either. I most definitely was not called either (my cell phone is listed as the primary number).

But Apple apparently is going to be nice enough not to charge me…..great! but her phone still doesn’t work. Oh yes, the letter goes on to say…if I submit the phone again for a similar repair they may charge me 100 bucks diagnostics charges and that I should check their T&C’s. (try reading that then)


OK, so I call Apple, just a little miffed. Got a nice English speaking Indian gentleman on the phone (interesting as I called the Netherlands support number….I guess Apple figures all Dutch speak enough English that they don’t even bother offering local language). He looked things up in whatever CRM system they use and said “Well no Sir, the repair department is unable to repair the phone as the damage is too severe to fix”. He apparently could not verify if or how they they had attempted to contact me. I explained to him what the Dutch letter had said and that it had not in any way mentioned what he was telling me. After several periods on hold where he went off to validate something and came back and asked whether I would like to try the repair again?


“Does that mean they can fix my screen then?”, I asked. “well probably not Sir, but they will send you a refurbished Unit”. So I asked what that would cost. We’ll he could only tell me for sure if he entered the repair order but when pressed he stated that he expected the whole process would cost me just over 300 GBP (yes for whatever reason he could only quote British Pounds) which is around 335 Euros. Given I can buy a refurbished model here for around 60-70 Euros cheaper and have it in house by tomorrow, I of course declined and asked that Apple cancel my previous order and return my money (which would take about 10 days apparently…I guess they make plenty money of interest with deals like this.

Then I read this article about why Apple has such a good NPS (Net Promoter Score) and it made me laugh cynically.

Hmm my youngest daughter is due for a new phone. She really wanted an Apple X. What do you think the chances are that I would buy it or any other iPhone for her?

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