Top Tips for Growing an Audience on Social Media

Growing an audience on social media is a metric that many marketers and business owners fascinate over — but what does it really mean?

The first point that you must understand is that the number of followers you have is worthless when compared to the level of engagement that you have with your followers.

So with that in mind, here are a handful of tips to growing your own social media following.

1. This is probably my biggest tip for what not to do. No matter how tempting it is, do not buy followers, ever! First of all, regardless of how real they seem, bought followers are not real followers, so you have near zero chance of any additional engagement from those followers. In addition to this, social sites like Facebook and Twitter share posts and updates to an audience based on algorithms; these algorithms share your posts out to a percentage of your audience and then further boosts your post based on the level of engagement that they receive — so, for example, if your post is shared to 10% of your audience and you have 70% fake followers and 30% real followers, you instantly limit the number of real followers that are likely to see your post, as a result, you are limiting the chance of engagement with your content.

2. Post content regularly. You need to maintain a presence online, so a regular posting schedule is necessary. It’s simple really, the more effort you put into creating quality posts, engaging with the content of others and developing online relationships, the more relevant followers you will gain.

3. Use hashtags. Where possible, include hashtags that are relevant to your content. This will help your potential audience to find your content both instantly and in the future. The more people that find your content, and engage with your content, the more followers you are likely gain.

4. Let existing followers know where else they can find you. It’s possible that your existing followers on one social media platform are unaware that you have a presence on other platforms. Let them know. Refer to your Facebook page on SnapChat, your Twitter account on LinkedIn, and so on.

5. Use paid advertising. This is still one of the best ways to reach new audiences outside of your network. My advice would be to use Facebook, as the level of filtering that you can use to target your focus demographic is amazing — I still believe that Facebook has the most targeted and flexible platform for achieving audience growth and engagement through paid advertising.

6. Use Images and Video. Videos, photos, memes and created imagery are still proven to generate the most engagement out of any other post type. My advice would be to create images where possible and to create a style, whether that be by layout, colour or image type, and stick to that style as it will eventually become associated with your brand.

I hope you have found some of these tips to be useful, but remember, the way that social media works and the types of content that perform better are ever-changing; it’s important to keep on top of what works, but more importantly, what works with your audience.

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