But I Need Down Time

I get it. “All work and no play…” and you’re suddenly Jack Torrance from Steven King’s “The Shining”.

Just for fun, let’s time it: your down time.

Scrolling through Facebook. “Yeah, but I find good articles, read them, sometimes save them to read later.”

Scrolling through Twitter. “Yeah, but I find good articles; wait, I just said that.”

Scrolling through Reddit. “Yeah, but I… Dammit.”

Metafilter? Your RSS reader? Instagram?

Binge-watching Hulu? Amazon? Netflix?

Reading Entertainment Weekly? Cigar Aficionado? Rachel Ray Every Day?

I’m not judging, I promise: you do need down time. But if any/all of those entertainment choices leave you with the coal of your calling burning in your gut, surrounded by the wistful smoke of “I’ll do it tomorrow”-type thoughts, maybe you don’t need as much down time as you think.

Maybe your down time would be more pleasurable and profitable if you spent it doing that thing.

Consider This

The next time you feel either 1) compelled to scroll/watch/read mindlessly or 2) feel like you want to do that thing, but just can’t, push all the way through the feels and do that thing.

Your feels want to be distracted. Your calling — your that thing — wants to be expressed, wants to be fulfilled. Do you want to come to the end of your day distracted but bored? Or do you want to feel like your mind, heart, and soul are plugged into the source of something amazing: your calling?

Call to Action

What is your that thing? Have you started? What’s holding you back? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @JaySteelmon!

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