To Release

My sculpture started out as many things, but this has always been the end result. It took many steps to get here, but each time I completed one iteration of it, this is always the goal I saw.

It started out as Red Like Roses, about taking a leap of faith. It’s about living life, getting your knees scraped up, smiling too long your face hurts, loving so much that your heart hurts. It’s about perseverance and picking yourself back up when you fall apart because no one else will do it for you. It’s about being kind to yourself, and nurturing yourself, and being the best you you can be. It’s about throwing your luck and being free. Take a bet, fall in love, break your heart, grow a garden out of the pieces.

But as the piece got more detailed and refined, it changed itself. It’s still about all those things, but it’s more about the peace and acceptance about life itself. It’s a gentle reclamation of life, a return to roots without the complete violent decimation. It’s just a warm feeling, a promise of more to come. That exciting pressure that builds up waiting for Release.

Making this piece was incredibly fun. After first getting the assignment I knew right away I wanted to break something and glue it back together. I remembered seeing this really cool d.i.y where this person took a bunch of little mirrors and broke them up to glue to a pair of boots and they were beautiful. So at first I wanted to do something similar with mirrors and I knew I wanted to make a semi-anatomically correct heart.

At getting to the Dollar store, I first set out to find things to break, and while there were many things I could break the shape and size were very important and I took that into consideration when choosing what to break. The mirrors didn’t seem big enough so I went straight to the vases and classes, and decided on the vase pictured below. Though I never thought of the vase as a vase, it was already constructed as a heart as I kept looking around the store.

I also knew at the same time that I knew I wanted to break the heart, I wanted to have a bunch of different sized dice. The dollar store didn’t have any dice, or well they had very big foam ones that I could cut up but I just decided to get the beads and work with those.

Then I just wanted something else that could kind of go into the heart to kind of be like blood and all that and I had seen this soap as I perused the store so I got the soap and was ready to start building.

Then I set out to start making the sculpture, I first went out to break the glass and started building it. I also remembered that back in the past, this country would repair broken ceramics and stuffs with gold. It made it that even broken things can be beautiful and worth something. So I used some gold glitter I had left over.

After Finishing my first iteration, I already had plans to expand my sculpture.

My exansion included building a pair of glass lungs to match the heart, and making a tree / rib cage out of wire.

It was quite tedious.

My plans for my final iteration of this sculpture includes covering the ribs in a moss, and using a mix of twine and sticks to make the branches more like branches. I also plan to take a piece of wood and make a sort of shelf, but I also hope to hollow it out a bit in order to make it a planter of sorts so I can actually grow some flowers and plants around my sculpture.

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