The Cyclical Nature of Life and Work

The changing of the seasons and the onset of May flowers reminds me of the cyclical nature of life.

My last few months of mini-retirement have been spent cooped up writing and working on other indoor projects. I’m almost finished with my second book, and it’s good timing. Now that spring is in the air, it’s time to transition to more physical activity.

None of my jobs have ever catered to the seasons or the cycles of life. Whether it was below freezing or 75 and sunny, I was stuck inside all day in front of a computer. Since I only have 2 or 3 hours of creative energy anyway, I knew my daily routine needed to change.

This is another argument for lifestyle design. Live in accordance to nature, in line with the seasons. Hunker down and think in the winter, act and play in the spring and summer, wind down in the fall.

Listen to your body — if it demands you create, then create. If it demands you rest, then you rest.

Listen to Nature — if she demands you ride out the storm, ride it out. If she demands you plant a seed, plant it.

There is no one way to live. Everything occurs in cycles. Whether it’s work or leisure, listen to your body before all else. If your work is contradicting your body’s demands, use that as more fuel to chase freedom. Life is too short.

Originally published at on April 27, 2016.