Design Thinking, The Greatest Way to Think.

Stuck, overwhelmed, and not knowing where to go next. That project that just keeps kicking your butt, and you have no answer for. Where do you turn to? Outside help? Why not head back to the begging and go about your thinking in a whole new radical way.

Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, and Test.

Design Thinking

Now these words probably make no sense without a definition and usage, for your Design Thinking process. Empathizing is the first step; engaging with others that identify with the problem you have can help you better understand where the root of the problem lies. Defining your problem is the next step; you need to physically get your problem out in the open. This can help bring to light a side that you may not have recognized, or even known existed. Ideating is the next step; designing radical new alternatives to your problem, no matter how ridiculous they may sound, can help create new ideas that you may have thought were too crazy to think would work. Now that you have constructed a new idea, Prototype it. Put your plan into action. Finally after solving your problem, creating a new idea, and prototyping it; test your new idea.

Simple yet effective. Five simple steps that can help you get out of a critical thinking rut. So the next time you are stuck on a problem, remember, Design Thinking is the way to go.

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