How to score band 7 or more in less than 10 day’s

Jayvardhan Reddy
Nov 18, 2017 · 3 min read

This blog is strictly intended for those whose medium of instruction was English during their academics atleast for 8 year’s . For people with less than that please dedicate 3 month’s for it , As the cost and time involved for it is high.

The first and foremost thing every individual must do is book an IELTS exam 10 day’s prior as they provide you material for mock test’s.

Day one you should start by watching “Ielts Liz” video’s on YouTube inorder for you to familiarize with the exam pattern. As each video does not last more than 15 min ,so you can be done with it in a day or two.

Next take a mock test via online or the material provided by IELTS (IDP,BC). Now that you know your strength and weakness in the different modules you can work on your weaknesses.

Tip’s for different modules

Listening :

  • Check the next set of questions when you are given a pause after a set of questions,so that you are ready or familiar with the upcoming questions when the audio begin’s.
  • Do not panic if you miss a question or two ,go ahead and proceed with the next set of questions as the recording keeps playing and most universities ask for a band 6.5 .so you are still in the game .

Reading :

  • First step is to practice skimming and scanning passage’s, ton’s of video’s are available on YouTube to know what exactly skimming and scanning technique means.
  • The answer’s to the questions are inorder ,so you don’t have to worry about searching for it in the whole passage.
  • Check for noun’s, pronoun’s,s singular,plural in the question inorder to predict the answer
  • Read the first sentence and last sentence of each paragraph to know summary of the paragraph — Matching heading questions
  • For questions related to short answer, summary completion, diagram labelling, fill-ups . The answer appear in the order of the question.
  • Underline word’s beginning with capital letters, number’s, while, although, until . So that you can easily scan the answer for a particular question.
  • True/false/Not Given or Yes/No to distinguish the answer’s.
  • False - we know from the text that the statement is untrue.
  • Not Given — The text does not contain the information necessary to decide.

Writing :

You don’t have to write the entire passage inorder for you to practice . Thing’s to be done.

  • Know the difference between the two tasks of writing section.
  • Plan for first 10 minutes for both the section ,so that you don’t have to think about the topic as you are writing.
  • Practice paraphrasing the introduction and writing down idea’s for Task 2.
  • Do not write a conclusion for Task 1

Task 1 :

  • Always start by dividing it into 4 sections
  1. Paraphrasing the introduction
  2. Writing an overview based on what you infer from the given topic
  3. Divide it into 2 paragraphs
  4. Make sure it doesn’t fall short of the required number of word’s.

Task 2 :

  • Divide it into 4 sections
  1. Paraphrasing the introduction and writing your view or answering both view’s based on the question type.
  2. Divide your body into 2 paragraphs
  3. End with a conclusion and try to paraphrase the topic.


  • Try recording yourself inorder to know where you stand when a topic is given.
  • Judge yourself based on the number of pauses and Um’s, ahh’s used while recording.
  • Try to reduce the mistakes done by you in step 2
  • If you want an evaluation from a different individual join a WhatsApp group and ask their opinion to better yourself.

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