Netflix, you need to chill

I fought long and hard as to how I wanted to spend my Wednesday. Should I begin finishing my laundry or scrub down my kitchen sink? Possibly walk down to get coffee (because my lazy butt would prefer someone else’s coffee over my own) or knit. Well, none of these things happened..because NETFLIX.

Ugh, If I didn’t have wi-fi or a Plasma TV sitting in my living room, I would be perfectly fine. I wouldn’t have to succomb myself to wasting hours on end with watching re-runs of The Office or splurge on Gilmore girls (which I loose, by the way). I could be running around the block, writing Christmas Cards, or doing some type of work that seems more productive. Netflix was never a problem for me. Not until my Mother brought over a television one day and just so ‘happens’ to leave it at my apartment until she made space at her house. Little did I know, she had every intention of passing it along for me to keep. Now, it’s just an object — leaving my eyes constantly glued to the big bright screen.

But there’s so many good things to watch!

I wonder how life was before television or even cable came about. Coversations around the dinner must have been an evening ritual, kids played outside and not a single thought of video games in their mind. Would there be less violence and war on the streets if movies haven’t become so R-rated? These questions pop up in my head as I let my brain be fed all the movies and TV shows I’m watching.

How influential can television be?

Growing up, my Parents allowed us to watch alot of movies — with limitations of course. No R-rated or horror movies, etc. Today, at 23 years-old, I told myself that when I get a house, the likely chances of owning a tv (or cable) for that matter was slight. I didn’t want a plasma TV sitting in front of my living room. I knew that it would cut out alot of conversation time with guests, family, and friends. When Netflix came into my life, I couldn’t turn my back. I was sucked in!

Netflix became my Saturday night plans

I became a home body ordering pizza and stying under covers, ignoring the fact that there were probably fun events happening ‘outside’ of my house…and choosing to stay home to see what would happen in the next Gilmore Girls episode or laugh at a joke Michael Scott (the Office) said, would be more fun and entertaining for me than to face other people and talk about life. I’m not saying I do not agree with Netflix or the existence of Television, I just know how damaging it can be sometimes if we are supposed to be a community of leaders and creators and doers. We need to limit ourselves to the time we spend with Netflix, thats all.

Anyway, Netflix…I still love you. Sometimes you are all I look forward to when I get home…(sigh)
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